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Hello & Welcome!
I’m so excited to see you here.

The internet has revolutionised how we connect, promote and sell our products and services, and we believe that every one of us should take advantage of this modern-day gold rush and look to diversify our income by moving online.​​​​​​​

Join us on the journey, here once every month as we expose and teach you how you can use your unique experiences, skills, businesses and passions to start making an income on the internet.

Money isn’t money any more; knowledge & wisdom are the new currency. 

If you were poor before, you have the opportunity to become the rich of tomorrow.

Who Should Attend This Series?

You could be;

  • a student (looking to use your knowledge & skills to earn online)
  • an existing business (looking to grow your business online)
  • a full-time employee (looking to supplement your current income)
  • or just someone with a passion for finding out how people just like yourself are changing their lives forever once they realise they can trade their knowledge, skills, products or services online for hard currency.

What You Will Learn

Our focus each session is all about the following:

1) Why Now Is The Best Time

Why this is the best time to learn how others are making money online in 2020 so that you too can join in and start earning hard currency from all over the world.

2) How You Can Use Existing Skills

Learn 4 ways you can take the skills you have already and harness them to start making money online.

3)Setting The Right Mindset

You will also learn about the mind-set required to succeed in life and how that translates to the online world.

4)Watch Real Case Studies

My guest and I will be sharing inspiring eye opening case studies with real examples that you can learn and copy.

5)Stay Safe And Avoid Scams

You will also learn how to identify and avoid false make money online scams. How to avoid companies or services that look to take advantage of individuals who are not online savvy.

6)How To Get Started

This exclusive live webinar contains four focus strategies that are proven to help you make your very first income online. Get ready to take notes and get started right away

Meet my friend, Simon

Simon Kaguramamba is an Award Winning Technology & Online Business Entrepreneur who has been operating on the Online Business arena for over 20 years.

Using what he has learnt, he now runs a successful portfolio of online businesses ranging from small niche money making blog websites to high end EduTech Software platforms with customers in over 45 different countries around the world. He has also recently launched an exciting new initiative called the Africa 1K Challenge which is designed to help 1 Million Young People Across Africa learn and understand how to harness the power of the internet and start making USD$1000 per month online.

What I am most excited about is that he has impressive inspiring stories filled with actionable information to share with you from his online journey that I have kindly asked him to share with you all. We look forward to seeing you there.

It’s one not to be missed!

Best Wishes